getting embarrassed by Oregon st in vegas. Surprised they matched UF with the beavs, given the gators mediocre record and relatively poor season.

There were three 6-6 SEC teams. Two were going to play in the group of six games.

Missouri apparently wanted to play in the lower-tier bowl in Tampa.

OSU was 1 win away from top of their conf. Surprised they werent paired with an opponent closer to their record. OTOH, wish we were the 6-6 opponent playing in vegas.

The Las Vegas Bowl is the fourth bowl in the Pac-12 pecking order, behind the Rose, Alamo and Holiday.

The Pac-12 might always have the better team on paper as long as the current selection processes are in place. I do not think the SEC wants to put one of its better teams in a bowl that is played before Christmas.

Florida being -40 players since Fall camp doesn’t seem to be helping.


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