Florida vs Texas Tech

It sure looks like Florida has a rabbits foot!
To wiggle out of bases loaded no outs Without allowing a run. And then get a run on a walk and 2 stolen bases and score on a wild pitch. And continue to get out of jams!

yeah they always do but one thing is for sure…they know we aint skeeered of them.they know we can kick that butt!!

I just don’t want to play Florida. I’d rather face Texas Tech again!

I’m with you Army, Florida can play small ball well. And, I think they probably have more pitching depth. Who knows though, TT maybe can power their way back into this.

Tech needs to start hitting or the Gaters going to run away with this one.

I think Texas Tech blew it when they loaded the bases and didn’t score! The Red Raiders played in the Big 12 and just maybe the SEC is just that much better.
They sure don’t look like a team that supports all of those high offenses rankings.

Hey it’s not over yet 5 to 3 with the base load only one out. The big man was 17 homers coming up

Tech making a comeback. Bases loaded 1 out.

Florida still holding their best reliever for next games.

If Tech bangs one here the Florida coach going to catch it.

Well, I thought Tech might get one more or tie it up. At least they’re back in it.

I thought Byrne was out until the finals. He was sure warming up. Sounds like Sullivan was trying to mislead just a tad by saying he wouldn’t play.

This was after he said the closer couldn’t or wouldn’t pitch unless they made the champion round. Coach blowing smoke. Lol

I really didn’t buy the byrnes not been able to pitch either he’s pretty much their Ace in the Hole

Too bad they pushed it back to a five-run lead. Byrnes probably won’t be needed or needed for very long. Looks like they’ll pitch Singer tomorrow night and a freshman lefty on Saturday, if they were to win Friday.

Yeah we owned singer both times we Facee him I feel good about our chances of hitting him again. I just hope Campbell can bring his best stuff like he did last time we really need him to go about 5-6

I just can’t believe how unlucky a team can be with one out and the bases loaded. The strike out made it 2 outs and then a ball torched right at the right fielder!
To top it off the strike out for the first out came on a 3-2 pitch that was bal 4!

Now 8-4 bases loaded again! One. If hit away! I would love to see a grand slam right here!

I love they’re having to use all these Bullpen people though

I still hope Byrne gives up the lead in the 9th! Rheam has not looked good tonight with the bases loaded.
8-6 game TT better hold here. They might get 2 in the bottom.

TT needs to hold them top of 9th and score 2 in bottom 9th.

Extra innings baby!

Even if Byrnes earns the save, maybe Tech will make him throw 30-40 pitches. I doubt it, but another bases loaded jam that he wiggles out of in the ninth might be worth a lot of pitches.

I’m with you on that motion LD so I will second that motion! It would be sweet to watch an 18 inning game. And I would stay up and watch it too! Burn every pitcher on both teams.