Florida vs Kentucky

I’m not a fan of Kentucky or Florida’s program, so I’m able to watch the game with no bias. And if I was a Florida fan I wouldn’t know how to act right now, I’d be writing a letter to the SEC office. The refs absolutely stole this game from them. Florida played very well on the road in a hostile environment. Every time they went on a run, the refs would blow the whistles to stop their momentum and let Kentucky back in game.

They put 3 of Florida’s key players in foul trouble with more than 10:00 minutes to go in the second half. If they breathed on Kentucky they blew the whistles, yet Kentucky could get as physical as they wanted when Florida attacked the rim, and Florida couldn’t buy a foul. Kentucky was in the double bonus the majority of the second half while Florida never even reached the bonus. An end of the game altercation pretty much summed up the game, Isiah Briscoe backhand slapped Kevaugn Allen, Allen pushed him off of him when he did that, and both got a technical foul. Had someone slapped one of the Kentucky players they would have been thrown out of the game.

Stuff like this is what ruins the college basketball game. It’s more than just home court advantage or missing calls, it’s just blatant cheating. You could literally find someone the referees at the boys and girls club on the weekend that could have called a more fair game. Kentucky shot 27 free throws, to Florida’s 6.

I was hoping FL would win, only because I believe that would have benefited the Hogs for their game Wed. Actually, I believe the Hogs, playing at the top of their game, would have had a great shot at beating either FL or KY the way they both played today.

KY, missing Fox is barely a top 25 team. He is the one player that KY has to have on the floor if they are going to get to the 2nd week-end in the NCAA tournament. FL was missing Egbunu, but that loss to them was not nearly as big as Fox was to KY.

And, to your point, yes the refs in that game should not be allowed to participate in the SEC tournament. I will say though, that in the last 10 minutes of the game, KY became the more aggressive offensive team. FL became more passive on offense than they were in the first 30 minutes of the game. Of course, all those foul calls on FL wore on them, I’m sure.

Would loved to have those two Arkansas all stars on Kentucky and Florida play for their home state

Should of watched the Ole Miss vs Missouri. There is a reason Missouri lost their 30+ road game today. I’ve seen a LOT of home cooking today. Makes me worried about tonight

This is something I was gonna say earlier. AR is playing good right now, Florida really hasn’t played as good as many think without Ebugnu. KY proved that without Fox. By the way, most of the teams that lost to KY this year also has lost their next game, so maybe this benefits AR.

For those of you that did not like refs. Well it looked like us playing at Kentucky! Whistle one way! As for the two kids from Arkansas who did want to be Razorbacks it would have been nice for them to have gone to the hill. Since they did not let’s see if Kentucky and Florida are loyal to them.
Florida did not shoot well in the second half.
We should be able to beat Florida if we play well. If it’s close at the end the refs will take over and we will lose