Florida @ Vandy

With over 8 minutes left to play Vandy up 6 and it appears Florida’s bubble might burst. If so Mike White seat could get smoking hot!

that’s a shame, I like Mike White, and i can’t remember the last time I said anything nice about a florida coach, in any sport.


Florida pulled it out.
Pippin Jr had a chance to tie with just a few seconds left. He missed the first of a one and one and Fl got the rebound.

Pippen tried to get a break out basket up 5 and had in block just under 35 seconds and it lead to a basket the next inbound play Vandy threw it out of bounds. Vandy chocked to give this game away a few possession before Pippen missed the front end of a 1 and 1. I was hoping Florida would get beat.

Nice follow up army! I just didn’t feel like typing that much.

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