Florida Stinks

Too bad we didn’t get them instead of Georgia this year.

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The Chickens are putting a whipping on them! The Gators may be tanking to get their coach fired! They have too much talent to drink that bad!

Yes, surrounded by a sea of Gator fans… loved what a bad SC team did to them.

I don’t know what’s going on down there. You’re right about the talent. It’s better than their record. Mullen has shown he can coach. Obviously there are some sort of chemistry problems.

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Mullen could very well be fired. Surprising to me, I really thought he would do well at Florida.

I hope they get fired up and lay a whipping on Mizzou while we play at Bama.

The seat is getting toasty, so a sacrifice had to be made. Mullen fired the DC and the OL coach.

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