Florida state

Just read Norvell 3.7 million a year at Florida state

Holy crap I hope that number isn’t true

What did u think it would be higher or lower?

I would hope much higher.

FSU is a much better job than Arkansas but I’d be really upset if we didn’t atleast make a much larger offer to see.

He is a 5M a year coach in my mind

Agree, according to Jackson who seems to have inside I believe after last search he was never coming here we blew that chance in 2017

The PTB did by manufacturing a smear campaign on his name

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FSU athletics is reportedly in poor shape financially.

They should be.

But dang… how can we let him get away with that little of money. He must really not want to come here, because surely we’d offer well over that.

I don’t believe it was a “let him get away” type situation. I’m more apt to believe that after we turned our nose up at him last time when he wanted the job, he wasn’t gonna give us another opportunity to do that again.

“Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” type of thing in my opine.

FSU losing about $4 to 6 M per year so in a dire situation. Season ticket sales dropped 50% over 4 yrs & Jimbo bumped their recruiting spending budget to unsustainable AL levels. SEC schools earn $20M more than ACC schools in media revenues. FSU questioned whether they could afford to fire Taggert.

Norvell may not be happy with his staff & recruiting budgets.

Bingo my thoughts exactly

Oh I agree. But you’d think Sexton would’ve used us to try and get more out of FSU. Maybe he did, and that’s what came of it. But man that’s too low for a coach like that.

No it is not, it is pretty standard salary for a head coach coming from the G5

I don’t think he would have come to Arkansas for 5 million a year after being past over for Chad Morris. I wouldn’t

Frost got 5 Mill a year at a lesser school, with about the same accomplishments.

I don’t think so either, but you offer it


As he has told his story and been a upright citizen since…

An absolute EPIC FAIL by our BOT and PTB to go with The Chad over Norvell two years ago. We wouldn’t be in this situation right now if they would have let him be hired. Idiots…

That is one mistake we will be paying for for years to come

That Florida State job is really tough right now. They’ve lost their mystique in the ACC, Clemson is the big dog, so getting elite Florida kids is a lot tougher,
Most everyone east of the Mississippi (and a few west of the river) recruit Florida, hard, and FSU also has an in-state rival in both the north and south halves of the state to fight. They still can get lots of good players, but FSU fans are more than a little spoiled. Norville will need to do better than 8-4 pretty quickly, and recruiting well enough to do that by year three may be pretty tough.