Florida State openly discussing leaving the ACC

The grant of rights is thought to be ironclad through 2036 – IF there’s still an ACC to have rights. But if enough schools bail out, there is no more ACC.

Swine,I feel like you can answer this. How does the Big 10 receive more than the SEC and how is the Big 12 poach others at this point after loser the Clips and Horns?

I think the Big Ten played its media negotiations well. They spread the rights around to Fox, NBC and CBS instead of going all-in on ESPN/ABC. Three entities writing checks instead of one. And they’ll be up for renewal before our deal is done, too.

As for the Big 12, their new commish also played it smart by getting a new media deal ahead of the Pac-12. Now the P-12 is in panic mode and may not be able to get a decent deal at all, and the XII may be in position to pick off the “Four Corners” schools from the P-12. The new P-12 commish is not exactly inspiring a great deal of confidence, but to be fair his predecessor left him with an extremely bad situation which has already cost them USC and UCLA.

Meanwhile, the ACC is locked in for another 13 years with a crap deal. I will not be surprised if the ACC no longer exists before that deal expires.

The Big 10 has most of the major tv markets. I think that’s their biggest thing since they’re overall quality hasn’t been up to SEC standards

I don’t know if they have the most, but they have a lot: NYC, LA, Chicago, Detroit, Indy, Milwaukee, Minny, DC, Philly, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cincy, Cleveland.

SEC will have DFW, Houston, Atlanta, New Orleans, Nashville, Memphis, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Miami.

Markets aren’t as important as they once were, as more people cut the cord with cable/satellite, but they’re still a factor.

Further breakdown of top 100 markets:

B1G has #1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 14, 15, 19, 25, 26, 28 (Baltimore which I left out above), 33, 36, 37, 41 (Grand Rapids), 42 (Harrisburg PA), 65 (Dayton) , 68 (Des Moines), 69 (Green Bay), 72 (Omaha), 73 (Flint), 80 (Toledo), 81 (Madison), 90 (Champaign), 98 (South Bend).

SEC will have 5, 7, 8, 13, 17, 18, sorta 22 (Charlotte laps over into SoCar), 23, 29, 31 (San Antonio), 34 (KC), 35 (Greenville SC), 38 (Austin), 39 (West Palm), 43, 44 (OKC), 49 (Louisville), 50, 51, 57 (Mobile), 59 (LR), 61 (Tulsa), 62 (Knoxville), 63 (Lexington), 74 (Springfield), 76 (Columbia SC), 79 (Huntsville), 83 (Waco-College Station), 84 (Paducah), 85 (Harlingen), 86 (Shreveport), 88 (Chattanooga), 89 (Charleston SC), 91 (Savannah), 94 (Red Stick), 95 (NWA), 97 (Jackson), 99 (Myrtle Beach), 100 (Bristol TN)

Dunno if you really can consider West Palm or Miami or Harlingen to be SEC markets, but they’re in SEC states. I left out El Paso (#93) because it might as well not be in Texas. Also, Louisville also could be considered a B1G market because it laps over into southern Indiana. I don’t know how much impact NYC has given that Rutgers isn’t a huge draw, but it’s there.



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