Florida prep DE Jordan Wright eyes opened (story)...

with his official visit to Arkansas.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … ning-visi/

I saw his comments about the cold (he had another one this morning), I know he says it isn’t a deal breaker, but if it was, wouldn’t that automatically eliminate Michigan too?

It won’t matter in the long run because if Miami will let him commit he will in the next few weeks.

Everything that he told me is in the story.

With a couple of these recruits wanting to wait till January or signing day, Will they at least let the coaches know in advance or will it be a surprise?

I doubt that they actually wait until signing day or there might not be a spot for them.

Some of them are mid-terms anyway.

And it’s usually mixed - some let the coaches know, but others ride the hype train