Florida or LSU?

I think Arkansas matches up better against LSU tomorrow than it would against Florida. LSU’s pitching staff is getting thin because of the number of games it has played and Isaiah Campbell pitched against the Tigers much better than he did against the Gators (albeit he was pitching through an injury in Gainesville).

I’m not sure whether Arkansas is a better team than Florida. I have no doubt Arkansas is a better team than LSU, regardless of how the series turned out in Baton Rouge.

The one downside that I see to playing LSU is that it would be a pseudo home game for the Tigers. They have a lot of fans who will drive in for the weekend.

I would rather play florida because they’re just kind of going through the motions this means a big deal LSU their fans with be going crazy and they come up with more lucky plays against us than humanly possible. They seem to think they would throw Hess their ace and he’s tough with that breaking ball.

I would love to get the LSU monkey off our back and knock them out of the tournament. We have a better team than them and they would be playing their 5th game in 5 days. We should finally have the upper hand over them and get some revenge! Go Hogs Go!!

I think LSU has use every pitcher on their staff this week. I don’t think Florida is a better team than Arkansas. I know for sure we are a better team than LSU. As far as the matchup goes I would rather play Florida. Just for RPI. But if there’s a whipping for LSU on tap I’m all in!

I will say this it’s absurd and incompetent for the umpires to let play continue in the for until LSU got the runs on a pop up that the infielders or outfielders couldn’t see! Then they stop the game for a delay.
Poor leadership from the umpires!
To top it off the SEC commissioner was sitting in the stands and watched this take place. Where’s his leadership and concern for player safety.

Lsu is rolling and not having to burn a lot of pitching but Manierii acted like (before the game) they were already very thin on pitching.

Right now, as we are about to hit midnight, they are in a fog delay. It all sets up well for us. We just need to capitalize.

If it is LSU, they are going to have to burn another pitcher tomorrow morning because of this fog postponement.

Bad decision to resume tomorrow for both those teams. LSU gets an early start and a quick turnaround while using another pitcher to probably throw one inning, while Florida has to spend another night before finishing their debacle.

The way I understand it, there was no way the game could end without Florida forfeiting. The game has to be seven innings to be official.

Maybe Florida will come out and score enough runs to at least avoid being run ruled and make LSU pitchers have to throw 3 innings.

So they’re going to have to resume tomorrow? Even better. They are going to be worn out.

LSU. Anytime LSU loses in anything, the world is a better place.

The hogs have been in that same position getting up early and playing 2 games in a day!
The rumor floating around LSU will start Hess. If that’s true make him throw strikes.
He won’t be able to go long!
If the hogs play good defense it’s a win.
Campbell is capable of being lights out.