Florida opted to not finish game with Stetson

This is not a good look for the Gators, who were down 10-1 when the rain came in the fifth inning. The teams played an extra-innings game earlier this year.

The best part was how each school framed the game.

Stetson release: http://www.gohatters.com/news/2017/4/4/ … delay.aspx

Florida release: http://floridagators.com/news/2017/4/4/ … h=baseball

You wouldn’t think that a mean old gator would be afraid of a hat.

Totally bush league

exactly. If they’d been up 10-1, I’d have said it showed some class, but being down 10-1, it’s totally classless.

What’s wrong with the Gators and playing games? First, LSU in football, and now this. Both blamed on the weather (I’m not overlooking the fact that fan and player safety is important). Though it’s not an SEC game, it seems the SEC might need to nudge the Gators into saving face by finishing this game.

Typical bad form for the luggage. If it’s not important, why schedule it in the first place.