Florida offers


2020 Bryant and ProSkills guard Khalen “KK” Robinson also has offers from TCU, Illinois, Oral Roberts, Appalachian State and others.

Wow. Kid is pulling a McBride! I figure an offer from our current staff is coming sooner than later.

Might be the case.

Yes, he is. He is a 6-1 combo guard just like McBride and P5 schools had not offered because being viewed as an undersized SG. A big difference is that he started blowing up a year earlier than McBride did. So, there is plenty of time for Arkansas to recruit him.

Saw a report that Bill Self and Muss have recently contacted Robinson.

It is worth noting that Khalen has played a year up in the Arkansas Hawks organization.

Two years. This from 2017:

Arkansas Hawks chairman Bill Ingram has been coaching youth basketball since 1998 and this year was the first time ever he moved a player up two age groups.

Despite guard Khalen Robinson being only 15 years old, started off the spring with the 16-under Hawks, before eventually moving up to the 17-under squad

“That’s pretty unusual, but that’s after we watched him work and watched his progress,” Ingram said. “He got a chance to practice with those guys all the time. It was obvious we needed to move him up.”

Ingram has no doubts Robinson, 6-0, 160 pounds is a major college prospect.

“When he played with our 16 year old team, he dominated, but we needed him on our 17 team.” Ingram said. “It’s obvious we think he’s a Power Five player.”

Robinson led Episcopal Collegiate to the Class 3A state title as a freshman and was named the
game’s Most Valuable Player.

Because the 17-under Hawks had three Arkansas Razorback commitments, a Mississippi State commitment and highly regarded T.J. Moss, a guard with offers from the Hogs and others, Robinson wasn’t asked to score much.

He averaged 2.3 points, 1.8 rebounds and an assist for the Hawks at the Adidas Summer Championships in Las Vegas last week. He had 6 points, 2 rebounds and 2 steals in a 63-61 victory over Exum Elite Utah in the first game of the event.

Arkansas, Indiana and Alabama are showing interest in Robinson.

“It’s going to help him big time next year,” said Ingram of moving Robinson up. “We talked to him and his parents and that’s what they wanted.”

Couple of things…

There are some similarities with KK and Issac’s games, but Issac was more limited in PG skills at this stage than KK is. I’m not gonna argue the combo guard label much, but they’re different players.

Also, KK isn’t blowing up a year earlier; this is same time frame - the spring/summer before their senior year. KK is getting more attention earlier than Issac in that it’s more spring than summer. I attribute that to KK playing in the EYBL and Issac not. And, like I said, KK is more skilled with the ball in his hands.

Lastly, as info for everyone, KK was hurt and didn’t play much of the circuit last spring/summer.

Yep. Now up to no.66 nationally in the new 247 rankings. Wow.

So we now have 5 from Arkansas in 247 Top 100


Yes, you are right about the timeframe both started blowing up. I got mixed up there.

Iowa State the latest offer.