Florida already down early in their elimination game. Lots of baseball to be played, but…

Makes one wonder if the rumors of Kevin O’Sullivan to LSU are affecting the Gators’ play on the field.

Look at the seats. They are one of the best programs in the country and can’t come close to filling up 5,000 seats for the most important game of the year at a brand new stadium.

The lack of support is why I think O’Sullivan will leave for another program some day, whether it is LSU or elsewhere.

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I’ve thought the same thing. UF fans don’t support baseball at all. The stadium reflects that. It might be new, but it’s not impressive. The crowd looks like something we’d have in a midweek game.

Florida was down 10-1 a few minutes ago. They are done! 2 and out at home in a regional.

Now 14-1 going in top of 7th!

Rain delay now, postponing the inevitable. It’s 19-1

Yeah, I just saw the rain delay. I almost feel sorry for FL. Nah, not really. I think it’s funny as heck that they are spending a lovely time in the dugout waiting to restart that 1-19 game. I’ll bet you can count on one hand then number of FL fans waiting out the rain delay at the baseball park.

It seems to me the logical thing to do is call the game for weather. Don’t invoke a mercy rule. Just acknowledge the game is over & let everyone go home. Start the next game at its regular time or whenever the weather clears up, whichever is later.

I think the NCAA requires that you finish all nine innings, Even if it’s 19-1.

I was hoping UF would come out of their regional and then eliminate Texas in the Supers. Doesn’t look like that is going to happen and Texas’ smooth ride continues as they usually get all the breaks.

They haven’t beaten AZ State yet.

Is ASU competitive?

Who knows? We didn’t think South Florida and South Alabama were competitive with Florida. Oops.

He did not comport himself well, today.

Early in S. Bama’s 10-run inning (but when S. Bama was in control 6-1 or something) the 3b ump called time just as Fla P was pitching. Ump seemed to think he saw a loose ball get on the field or something.

They didn’t stop and the guy hit an easy grounder to SS. But it was called a no play.

I didn’t see if it was the would-be 2nd out or the would-be 3rd out.

But either way, OSullivan lost his mind 2-3 times in the inning about it-just went on and on and on.

He literally looked like he was gonna fight the guy. Not fake fight. And the ump wasn’t backing down.

O’Sullivan just kept on freaking out and they wouldn’t throw him out.

IT was embarrassing. You should find the video.

I missed the play but the TV guys said the USA batter tried to call time, the Florida guy pitched anyway, and the ump ruled that he had indeed granted the timeout. So no pitch, no groundout. But if the guy had hit a homer on the play, it would have been wiped out too.

I think if the game had been close, they would have tossed Sully. They cut him slack because his team was imploding.

Maybe. But I don’t think that’s it. Timeout by the batter is the home plate ump’s decision and this was called by the 3b ump. Maybe the 3b ump called it and that’s why O’Sullivan was mad.

Regardless, the ump was remarkably restrained and. O’Sullivan’s reaction was way over the top, given the call (even if it was incorrect).

Fla was down 6-1 and doing nothing late. And he just kept on and on and on. Came out of the dugout multiple times in the inning. You could tell he wanted to get tossed. The ump wouldn’t do it.

I’m glad the umpire let him hang around and take the egg in the face treatment.

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