Florida may end up a #1 seed in NCAAT

Def will be a 2. Very good team.

Seriously? There’s zero chance they’re a 1 seed and I’ll bet money they won’t be a 2.

Lunardi has them as a 4 right now.

They won’t be a #1-seed, but I think they are flying under the radar as FF threat.

Definitely agree. Shame their big guy is injured.

I don’t think they are anywhere close to being a No. 1 - will likely end up being a 3 or 4.

But they do have a shot at a run in the Big Dance because of the way they are built.

Hayes is a better player than Egbunu. He’s solidly better on O and not far behind on D. O is the weaker side of the ball for them. Hence, as long as Hayes can stay on the court, I don’t think it will hinder them. It does mean that they have less depth and will be more vulnerable to foul trouble against a strong frontline. That probably won’t be a factor until the second weekend.

At best the lowest 2 seed more likely 3 seed. They can’t take pressure! They may make the sweet 16 but I don’t think any further. Kentucky the song. Kentucky can’t play quality teams and win on the road. They lost to Kansas at home. It’s sweet 16 for the SEC teams this year.
Consider what talent Kentucky has and they should win in all but they won’t because they lack game experience.

Kentucky probably would often win it all if the players were two and done instead of one an done. No matter how good freshmen are, it is very difficult for them to defeat other teams with elite players that are upperclassmen.

Still feel this way?

Comments: No way after Vandy swept them at home and away. At this point it’s all centered around how they finish in the SEC tournament.

As for #1, No I don’t. Vandy has their number. I would say that I still think they can win the SECT but they will likely have to go through Vandy. So now I don’t know. But I do think they could still reach a 2 if all fell just right.