Florida looks like

Boo Boo today.

This is not a good team.

Did you see those elbows that one dude hit Fulkerson with? Guy ought to be arrested. Just vicious.

man that was bush league!

His coach was Bush league when he played at ole miss yrs ago

I wonder how Mike White is going to discipline him. And, does the chippiness of the UT-UF game make officials’ whistles quicker in tonight’s games?

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He will make him sit out the rest of the SEC tournament. :crazy_face:

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He should be suspended for the NCAA Tourney. It’s not like FL’s going to be missing much with him out. Less than 4 points and just 3 boards a game. He definitely should miss at least as many games as Fulkerson, who will really be missed by TN if he can’t play tomorrow.

I don’t think there is an automatic suspension for a flagrant 2.

Yeah, that was a dirty, dirty play. Total cheap shot(s). Typical Florida. Gators been getting away with rough play like that, or close to it, for years now. Won’t forget all the moving screens Florida got away with against Arkansas earlier this season.

On a side note, Mike White is a weirdo. I’m really glad he’s not our coach.

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I think you are right. I was responding to Scottie’s question about what White will do to discipline him.

Fulkerson is ruled out tomorrow by Barnes. “Sit out the rest of the SEC tournament”? That’s hysterical!

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