Florida HC Candidates

SEC Nation believes the following are the front runners

Scott Frost
Charlie Strong
Lane Kiffin

All three were noted for strong recruiting capability and offensive style.

Another point of view w 1 the same

http://collegefootballnews.com/2017/10/ … jeff-broom

I accidently left off Dan Mullen as one of the SEC Nation candidates. He was also there number 1.

I’m rooting for Jim Bob Cooter…because I love hearing that name.

Finebaum had some radio dude from Gainsville on. Said Strongs ship had sailed. Kiffin is a definite no due to drama. Gundy seemed a favorite…

im surrounded by UF fans all day every day

none are surprised
all are happy

I suppose Mullen is a possibility, but I’m not convinced Mullen would go. They love him at MSU. He’s beating expectations there. Although as he wins expectations will go up. Once he hits the ceiling at MSU, probably about 9 wins/year, that could change. Regardless, the pressure to win big at MSU isn’t what it is at UF. MSU pays him very well & is likely to give him another raise this year. He’s been there a while. He might have found a home. JMO

I wish Mullen would take the Gator job. I don’t like their
odds of an equal coach and certainly not better.
His teams seem to play hard and he might be an
actual QB whisperer.