Florida Game

Playing another team coming off a bad loss. Going to be interesting Wednesday.

After watching Florida play South Carolina it’s very possible for the hogs to beat the gators. I just hope K. Allen don’t have a career night like he has the last 3 years against the hogs.
Florida is horrible at the free throw line just like the hogs. The 3 point line will decide the winner Wednesday night.

Yes General, I believe you’re correct.
The Hogs were very fortunate to get the win today with a very poor shooting performance.

Hopefully, the basket will look bigger at BWA.

Go Hogs!

A&M is lucky we didn’t beat them by 10+. We shoot freethrows like we have the last few games and this is a double digit win for the Hogs. Oh well, a 2 point win goes in the win column just the same as a 10 pt. win. GHG

Two things I fear anytime we play the swamp critters. Cheating refs and No Neck lighting us up.

If the Gators play like they did yesterday, we’ll have an easy win. If they play like they did against Butler in their previous game, it’ll be a sad night in BWA. Probably, they will play somewhere in between and we can win a close game.

Allen isn’t scoring as much in his 8th year…

I predicted a 500 season in the Sec and continue to think its likely, but if any team shows up and doesn’t bring their “A” game we will make them earn a win. It’s not that we can’t compete it’s just the inconsistency periods in a game that tends to haunt young teams. WPS

Florida attempted more 3pt shots than 2pt attempts last night. South Carolina had 10 LESS shot attempts for the game and still won.

Florida freshmen guard Noah Locke attempted nearly half those 3pts shots alone (15) connecting on only 5. (Only 1 2pt attempt)

A guarded highly contested 3 is hard to make. I hope Gafford stays down low and out of foul trouble. The 3 point line will determine the winner. Maybe the hogs can avoid the mental lapses that cause long scoring droughts. These young hogs need to defend the home court. Win please.

UF and Arkansas have been fairly even this year against their schedules. UF is a little better. Both teams have defended well but have struggled to score. UF has been more extreme than Arkansas in that regard. Both teams are apt to win when they shoot well because of their D.

UF is probably the best defensive team we have faced this season. However, they are near the bottom of the SEC in blocking shots. We’ve had trouble scoring against teams with good rim protection. It will be interesting to see how their shot denial D matches up with us. I don’t know what to expect.

The key to our team so far has been efficiency inside the arc. When we score inside, we usually win. Since our center does that almost every game, a tell for us is whether the other guys are getting deuces, especially our guards. Deuces for guards equal W’s for us. The missing pieces for us are a wing or forward that can gets lots of buckets in the midrange and/or a wing that can get to the rim. The lack of that kind of player has limited are offensive efficiency to this point.

Response- :lol: no neck, seriously, but yes you are right he enjoys sticking it to the hawgs fan base. I bet these young hawgs might have something to say about

A 6’6 or taller wing who could rebound and score would do wonders for our team

Are the students back in class yet? A rowdy Bud will help!

I think classes start next week. Despite that I think the Bud will be full. I’m hoping the hogs can dominate inside. Rebound with the same effert against Florida that the young hogs against A&M and they have a chance. I still think the game will be won or lost defending the 3 point line.
It would also be nice to see the free line help the hogs.