Florida Game

Just extremely excited to go to this game. I know it will be a tough game but the preseason 1 and 4 team is an opportunity I can’t miss.

My son is an 8 year old stud at baseball, and is a (gasp) gator fan (I know I failed somewhere in the last 8 years, but he is a true Florida boy), so I think he will really enjoy it.

Anyone else joining me or will I be a lonely Hog Caller in a sea of blue and orange?

Guarantee you will not be solo. That does not happen with Arkansas baseball on the road. The Hogs could play on the moon and someone would be there.

Just be prepared, the stadium is nothing to write home about.

I was in Gainesville for a national dog show a few years ago. I went to a game while I was there. I watched Florida come from behind to beat a bad Georgia team. I was dressed in my Hog gear and some Florida fans told me that I was a week too late. It was a week after the Hogs had been in town.

Oh I know it’s no Baum Stadium :slight_smile: and what really surprises me is how often it is empty when the gators are normally a good baseball team.

Honestly the only hog games I really get to see anymore are at Gainesville. If you compare campuses and facilities Arkansas is hands down better. Basketball arenas, baseball facilities. The swamp has a good crowd but isn’t spectacular aesthetics.

It has proximity though by about 1000 miles :slight_smile:

They are doing many update to the baseball stadium at Florida. It will be a palace soon. To be honest, Arkansas will be behind some schools in the SEC with its baseball stadium soon. I know Dave Van Horn has already talked to Hunter Yurachek about some things that need to be done. One of the major needs is to update the locker room and training facilities. It’s amazing how quickly things become out dated.

I’m sure the new AD knows to listen carefully to our baseball coach, who has the best track record of any coach on campus. Van Horn is elite & hopefully Hunter gives him what he needs to stay at the top of the SEC.

Florida is doing more than renovating its stadium. It is building a brand new one.

I have been to Florida to see the Razorbacks play but its been awhile. I was hired by a small company to keep it out of bankruptcy and I was working long hours and weekends. I desperately needed a break and a road trip with the Razorbacks was just what I needed. I flew into Jacksonville and rented a car. I was so happy to be free that the car rental guy who tried for fifteen minutes to get me to upgrade didn’t even upset me (not normal). I drove over to A1A and cruised along the Atlantic stopping for shrimp along the way. I stopped in St. Augustine for one night (one of my favorite cities in the U.S.). I really enjoy that trip but like this gentleman I was shocked to see the small crowd in the stands. I could sit about anywhere I wanted. I remember there was one game where the home plate umpire got the call wrong on a bang, bang slide at the plate. It hurt the Razorbacks. There was a picture that circulated the internet showing the bad call.