Florida game and belk bowl

Just interested in other people’s opinion on this matter, but for everyone on here if we were to win out and go 11-1 into the Florida game, would you attend the basketball game or stay at home and watch the belk bowl?

I’ll be at the basketball game, it’s our biggest home game of the year and fans make a real difference for this team, I know I’m most likely in the minority.

nobody cares about a belk bowl. hog fans rather see a win after that sorry football season the hokies will go for about 460 yards of offense only way we could win is if it is a shootout and enos puts up 50 in which case he would proably be gone for hc gig. either way, nothing to celebrate, except putting an end to a sorry football season.

sure ain’t nobody going all the way to nc to sit in the cold. and im pretty sure most people are tired of being dissapointed on their couch for four hours of hog football. time to feel that excitement in the bud again. say what you want about the fastest forty , they have rarely dissapointed in the bud!

A ray of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy day. :wink:

I’m not as big of a football fan as I am basketball, so I’ll most likely be at the game, really looking forward to it.

Also, I think we’ll have a decent turnout for it. Florida will most likely be a top 25 team coming in and if we’re 11-1 there will be a lot of hype going into that game, because if we win we will most likely be ranked the following week.

I think we’ll get anywhere from 10,000-13,000 there, which isn’t the best attendance in the world, but it’s enough to have the bud rocking and would be a pretty decent turnout considering students will be out of school and football game will be on.

Well, you can watch the basketball game at BWA and watch the Bell Bowl on your phone using WatchESPN.


Good luck with that, based on my experience at BWA. I can barely get stats to load on my phone during games, never mind streaming video.

I suspect they might have some football interludes on the BWA video boards during timeouts, halftime, etc.

Hopefully the powers that be will show the first half of the Belk Bowl on the big screen in Bud Walton (unless they cannot legally do that). I am going to the basketball game because it is much more meaningful than the bowl game.

Basketball game…not even a question.

Maybe Dudley or Jimmy will share the UARK Media wifi password with us so we can keep up with the football game at the same time!

My plan was to go to the bowl game if it didn’t fall on the Florida game. I’m a basketball fan first, but also enjoy the bowl game as a vacation. Most fans don’t care about the cold or the football season, which may surprise you. I’ve been to enough bowls to say those I meet there had plans made before the season and already making plans for the next one. That may surprise you, too. I’m wondering how many bowl games you have been to because many of us already know this to be true.

But, as I said, I’m a basketball fan first and will attend the basketball game.

As to the original poster’s question, I do think the basketball game will be moved around the football game and I don’t anticipate any interference. If there is, I also anticipate the Bud will accommodate the football fans in some capacity. I think the majority of the TV’s in Bud will be televising the football game.

I’m not sure how many yards we will give up, but I could live with 460. Clemson gave up 386 with a lot on the line.

“would you attend the basketball game or stay at home and watch the belk bowl?”

I will stay home.

Since this is a conference game and TV is already scheduled, I doubt they will move it around the football game.

I’ll be at the bowl game having some cold beers and following the hoops game on the Twitter feed. I plan to tape the hoops game and watch it later. The projected forecast has the temp at game time around 52 so it shouldn’t be bad weather wise…unlike Memphis a few years ago!

I think there are some discussions taking place about the start time changing. There are a lot of entities that would have to sign off on that, though.