Florida crushing Virginia

That old no-basketball SEC not looking too bad, is it?

According to Ken Pon the SEC stinks. I guess that means Virginia must be pretty sorry to lose to an SEC opponent.
I hope so bad we beat North Carolina tomorrow. We are better than what they say !

Swine did you read the article Mr Ken know it all wrote ?

No idea what you’re talking about. I read his blog, which has nothing specifically about the SEC at all at any time this year.

According to him we are in the weakest of the power and 5 ! I’ll find it agai.

Wish Vandy hadn’t given one away. Otherwise, the SEC has been rollin

Georgia and Bama kinda gagged it in the NIT too. Even with that, though, the SEC is playing .667 ball in the postseason.

Georgia shut Maten down after the SECT.

In the SEC-ACC challenge this weekend the SEC is 2-0 so far. Ole Miss won in the Carrier Dome, and UF obliterated UVA. It will be no worse than a draw with the ACC heavily favored tomorrow. The mighty ACC dropped like flies today. They will have a max of 3 teams in the Sweet 16. The Big East will only have 2 after getting 7 bids.

The SEC has shown well. If UK makes the EE, every SEC team will have played to at least their seeding in the NCAAT.

With a little luck and hard nose defense it’s possible for a few more SEC wins tomorrow. ACC over rated.

I thought Florida was a solid 3 seed and should have probably been a 2

Pundits slept on UF. They must not be any good since they lost three one-possession games to the SEC #5. They have long athletes on the baseline that few teams can match. Chiozza is one of the fastest and quickest guards in the nation. Arizona is one of the few teams that I’ve seen that match them in terms of length plus speed. I really like that team. With one more scorer UF could have been a notch above everybody.

Virginia beat UNC by ten a few games ago. UNC can have bad games, just like the Hogs.

If both teams are playing well, it will be a slugfest.


My only caveat on that is Virginia beat them by controlling tempo. We are not going to slow it down and milk clock. Well, never say never but I would be absolutely stunned if Mike lets the air out of the ball. We’ll have to beat them at what they do best, like Kentucky did.