Florida coming back to the Bud next season

SEC released the SEC home/road matchups:

Home-Bama, UF, UGA, LSU, OM, MSU, Miz, A&M, Van
Away-AU, UK, LSU, OM, Miz, USC-E, Tenn, A&M, Van

We got a really rough draw in our away games. We have UK, AU, and Tennessee all on the road with no home game against them. These will arguably be 3 best teams in the conference next year, would have liked to get at least one of these guys at home for a chance at a top 10 signature win. Now, I will say Mississippi State and LSU should be really good so glad we get to play them at home.

With that home schedule winning 7 out of 9 of those games should be expected. Then if we pull out 3 road wins (most likely OM, USE-E, A&M) I like our chances to make the tournament again we can do that.

I like this draw and all the winnable home games that it offers. Good for a young team. Also we don’t have to play any of the top 4 expected teams in the conf home and home.

To be clear:

University of Alabama Tuscaloosa
University of Georgia Athens
Louisanna State University Baton Rouge
University of Mississppi Oxford
MIssissppi State University Starkville
University of Missouri Columbia
Texas Agricultural and Mechancial College Station
Vanderbilt University Nashville
Auburn University Auburn Alabama
University of South Carolina Columbia

:sunglasses: Sarcasm - for what it’s worth

Well, we had those 3 at home last year and helped us get to the tourney. So fair is fair,

I agree with you PJ fair is fair! The hogs should be able to get enough wins to make the Dance. The seed line won’t be very impressive. Last years team had a chance for a really good high seed and didn’t take advantage of it. Maybe the upcoming team can come together and suprise us all!
We have the rest of baseball postseason and football to wait and see. Hope for a good year!

Vanderbilt is coming to Fayetteville for the fifth consecutive season.

LD got it right.

Vandy doesn’t like falling off their floor anymore than we do… they requested it.

Now that’s funny :lol:

Here’s my two cents, as it relates to Florida they really don’t concern me any longer now since NLR Allen is no longer playing there, man his passion for beating the hawgs and sticking it to the entire Arkansas fan base always left a nasty taste in my mouth. If he could bottle that negative energy of hate to use it against life’s trials he probably would make it through coming out as successful or not

Maybe I missed it but KeVaughn Allen will be a senior next year and will come to BWA next season.

Oops, and I thought he committed to Florida before Beard to Arkansas, now that I think about it you are correct it was Beard who committed first and or graduated from NLR headed to the hill… Allen didn’t have his way this pass season Macon played him well, I guess we’ll have to see how the ball bounces

Of our last 7 meeting with UF, only one has been at BWA. :x

I don’t believe that’s accurate, two previously homes games, we won last season and loss previously one. If you include the upcoming season’s game the total home games Played against Florida will be 3

From what I see at ArkansasRazorbacks.com, dating back to 2012-13 season, 5 of the last 8 regular-season games against Florida have been in Gainesville.

2017 - 2018: @UF, @St. Louis
2016-2017: BWA, @UF
2015-2016: @UF, @Nashville
2014 - 2015: @UF

The one time that we played them at BWA in the last four years the students weren’t on campus either.