Florida Coaches Raises

The Florida coaches buyouts for termination without cause seem to be a heck of a lot less than the one we are saddled with from the JL / CBB deal.

Not trying to take up for the buyout here, but I would suggest that Florida feels it can attract the best of the best coaches so if a coach chooses to leave or is fired, they can go get a coach of equal quality if not better. May not be so easy at Arkansas.

On second look, $2.5 million for each remaining year on contract is $15 million for six years (through 2023, dropping to $12.5 million after next year, $10 million the following year, etc.).

For some reason, I don’t care about what Florida does.

CBB buyout: At end of his 5th yr, $17m. End of his 6th yr is $15.4 m. End of yr 7 is $11.7 m , end of yr 8 (2019) is mere $7.9 m.

Who cares? Any coach should do well at Florida with all of that talent in state. This OP post sounds like another reason to cast a negative shot at our coach.

Buyout according to SEC Country:
https://www.seccountry.com/sec/sec-foot … ary-buyout

This may be wrong, but those were the numbers that I believe I have read on this board as well, not $17 million.

Those numbers are not accurate. Here is his buyout for the duration of his contract.

Through Dec. 31, 2017: $15.4 million
Jan. 1, 2018-Dec. 31, 2018: $11.7 million
Jan. 1, 2019-Dec. 31, 2019: $7.9 million
Jan. 1, 2020-Dec. 31, 2020: $4 million