Florida came after Jacques McClellion, but he (Story)...

true to Arkansas in the end

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Ole beaver teeth stole one from us last year the day before signing day, we have a young man that would not budge because of the Razorback family! Bless this young man!!

F Florida with a capital F :smiley:

Don’t know if they stole him or bought him. From the news lately I would tend to go with the latter.

Yep, this has me tickled pink!

Guess I’m out of the loop–to what are you referring?

Here’s a link to the thread about their “suspect recruiting”.


I remember the event very well. Have forgotten what kid it was. Was he a major contributor for UF this year? I can’t remember.


Thanks. Looks like from what I have found he played in 3 games this year, had one unassisted tackle and 3 assisted tackles.

He may have played in more games, but if he did he had no stats in those games. Not much production from a JC transfer. He only has one year left. I think he would have played a lot more here. But who knows.

Thanks for the link. Will be interesting to see if the rumors will be investigated, and if so how it turns out. Whatever, I’m still ecstatic they couldn’t pull that crap on us again this year.

I believe he was out with an injury not long before they played us–IIRC, but pretty sure of that. Even so, I think he still would have played more here if he had become a Hog.

The Gator’s recruiting better pick up, they lost five juniors that declared early for the draft…

Love the marriage comparison…

Very good stuff…

Welcome aboard Mr. McClellion.

Woo pig…

I doubt it because Florida has such a large number of athletes and most would prefer to play in Florida. Therefore, Florida doesn’t need to buy and out-of-state player. Further, Florida has much more than Fayetteville. Other things being equal, what player wouldn’t choose warm Florida with beaches full of hot bikini girls over freezing Fayetteville in the winter?