Florida baseball loses again

10-inning loss at home to Florida Atlantic which is also ranked. The preseason #1 ain’t doing so great at 6-3. But they don’t play anyone else worth much until Free Shoes on the 16th.

What is going on in Florida? They must be trying some young arms out and trying to figure out what to do in their bull pen.

I watched a lot of the Fl./Miami series and the Gators didn’t have much hitting… being the first series of the year, I didn’t think much about it… but, maybe?

Miami may have some good pitching too. Good pitching can silence good hitting.

They aren’t hitting great, and have played very good teams.FAU is good,beat UCF 2/3 and we saw what UCF did to OM, Miami is solid team and rivalry games like that are tough early in the yr, they will be good once they get it all together

Yea FL will get their act together and be a good solid team as usual. Pretty good coach down there.
Pretty sure we have seen similar around here and things get turned around during the season.

When everyone says you are the best, you get every team’s best shot. That is what has happened with Florida so far. I think Arkansas is about to see that, too.


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