Florida back in the rankings

#25 in AP, just outside the top 25 in coaches’ poll (they’re 26, we’re 28). We’re finally getting some AP votes but not anywhere close to cracking the rankings; 36th on their list. Only 37 teams got votes.

RPI: Florida 5, Arkansas 19 (NCAA’s list, not the simulation sites)

In a semi-related note, still a fair number of tickets available for Thursday in the upper deck at the end away from the students. I think it will be a good crowd (and may get better if the bowl game gets ugly) but not a sellout. I’ll be bringing a group of 5 and arriving early.

Reading an Associated Press report “SEC has some questions heading into league play”, it seems AR is under the radar at this time. It talks about Kentucky, T A&M, AU, SC and TN. No mention of AR. We’ve got some winning to do!