Florida at Arkansas game 3

It’s 76 baseball degrees at beautiful
. Baum-Walker Stadium. :boar::baseball:
. #WPS #ThisIsBaseball #OmaHogs

3 up 3 down good start 98 on the black lol,he ever develop a secondary pitch or 2 look out

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Well it sure is a better start than I expected. Maybe Wiggins can gain some confidence

love those 2 changeups for strikes,looks very good so far 94-98 on the black is Money

Mind posting a score sometimes. I’m at softball

He sure seems to be under control.

0-0 right now

It seems early in games the hogs don’t score like the double by Moore he is left stranded.

Anyone knw when they’ll air game 2 again? Rain delay cost me on my recording.

No idea. Look at the SEC network shows over the next few days and it may re air.

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we’re not clicking on all cylinders at all,good to Goodheart go the other way though but Slavens and Franklin(despite the HR ) look lost,hopefully get on track by regionals,This guy for Fla has 5+ ERA and we haven’t had many good swings,Ga got 5 runs and 7 hits o him in 6 inn last week

Yeah I’m sure it will, just checked, but knw luck.

very impressive outing for Wiggins,can become special with command of offspeed pitches(he threw 3-4 excellent changeups today but needs a slider)

great throw by Leach!

I don’t think the Hogs ever get off to a good start to a game. Goodheart has been on a funk. Slavens gets himself out too much taking swings at the high stuff and Franklin has had some bad breaks on some balls he has hit well.
Maybe this week they can get :hot_face:!
Moore has shown a little spell too!
Someone different has been coming through all year. This weekend Optiz has been getting it done I hope he can continue through the rest of the season.

well they’re all dangerous and you make a mistake they can hurt you.


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Like I said they’re all dangerous! Slavens hitlless for series and then Boom oppo Taco!

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2-0 Hogs after 4