Florida at Arkansas game 2

It’s 69 baseball degrees at beautiful
. Baum-Walker Stadium. :boar::baseball:
. #WPS #ThisIsBaseball #OmaHogs

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Big LH for Florida who is a power pitcher 84K in 69 inn but has give up 67 hits and only 22 BB 4.13ERA so looks like he comes right you which may help us since we do better against most of the hard throwers

Hope we jump on him quick. But ya know we sometimes struggle against lefties. I think it’s mental though.

Yes we have but in looking at videos of him, he throws hard and comes right at you, we seem to have trouble with the soft throwers, but he is LH so we will see, Wallace is locked in, may be another good night for him… I just hope Bolden is sharp and gets us off to a good start.

How’s the weather?

Weather delay…so tired of this type weather

Just got notification that start is delayed. Exact time TBD.

That’s spring in Arkansas. It rains. Just wish some of these days could get spread out into July and August.

yeah I was speaking about our schedule as a whole we have had more DH than I can ever remember.been a lot of rain everywhere seems like it.

Certainly had a lot of rain here in coastal NC this spring. We also had some 90 degree days here in April.

My rain gauge total this week was 7.25 inches! It’s wet! Especially when it stays wet for over a few days in the hills.

I’m gonna have to mow my yard with a bush hog, lol.


Mine too.

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I might just bail hay! Cut it with the tractor and mowing machine. It would make great hay! But it would have to dry out before you could take and bail it.

Is it actually a rain delay or a lightning delay and 30 minutes ago they were hoping things may clear by 8. Well, it’s 8:01

Steady rain. No lightning.

tks. STILL raining?

All day.