Florida and Derrian Ford

Arkansas target & Magnoila 4-star Derrian Ford & his family spoke with Florida coach Mike White & associate HC Al Pinkins on Wednesday. Gators ready to host Ford for a visit once dead period is lifted.

If theres a school that’s a threat to Arkansas I would say Florida. No one has told me that. That’s just my gut.

Don’t understand why recruits like that program. No one under develops more than Mike White.

Perhaps you’ve never been on campus?

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Exactly, White and Florida constantly underperform and fall below expectations.

I have and the school and Gainesville is a dump.

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I’ve thought walking the campus in Gainesville is just a gorgeous place. That’s all I’ll say.


Several times. And if an NBA prospect is choosing a college based on the campus, he probably won’t have a great career. Fortunately the Ford family is very smart and will sniff out White.


Yes, and similar non-scenery views for young men as Ole Miss and yes, Arkansas.

KeVaughn Allen is an excellent example of a player that didn’t develop under White.

He had a solid career, but he was no better as a senior than he was as a freshman.

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Yes, we were there for our national dog show in 2010. It was held at a hotel on campus. I enjoyed the area. I walked to a Friday night baseball game wearing my Razorback gear. Florida was hosting UGA (they were bad.) I got some strange looks, since the Hogs had been there the week before.

They probably thought you were that SlowBob character from the old board showing up a week late. :smile:

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:rofl: :rofl:

Gainesville isn’t a dump. The campus is very nice. I understand the appeal of the town and campus to athletes.

I live in Gainesville and can promise you it’s not a dump. I miss Fayetteville every day, and Arkansas will always be home. But Gainesville is a dang nice place to live with a great school district for my kids. Hardly a dump.

Think Florida is wasting their time in recruiting Ford. If Baylor is out, Arkansas.

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Florida is the #1 Party School in the US. That kind of 24/7 fun atmosphere can easily influence any teenager.

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