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Is the LR game on SECN?


Which is why it’s on Thursday night. WHS has had a poll question up for weeks on whether readers agree with UA’s decision to move the FAMU game to Thursday night. It wasn’t UA’s decision, folks. SECN needed a Thursday night victim and we’re it.

Arkansas made the decision in coordination with the War Memorial Commission. The SEC Network might have requested the game, but Arkansas had the final say.

Yeah I can see having to clear it with the stadium people, and probably the Little Rock police because of traffic/security issues. But I also suspect it would have been frowned upon by the network and the rest of the league if we’d said no.

I love the game being on a Thursday. I’m a night owl anyway, so that doesn’t bother me. Getting the game out of the way means I’ll be mostly free to watch the entire first weekend of college football instead of spending 10 hours in a stadium Saturday.

This works nicely for me. I can go to the game & still have Labor Day weekend free. Of course, I only live about 8 miles from the stadium, so it’s not difficult for me to attend a 7:00 p.m. game. I can still be home by 10:30.

Where are the UAMS students parking these days?

Although I don’t know the particulars, I’m certain that the SEC Network’s (i.e., ESPN’s) deal with the League calls for it to deliver a game for them the first Thursday of each season, and that there is some sort of stipulation that all the schools have to appear on it within some period of time. To my recollection, we haven’t started a season on a Thursday since that odd UNLV game in 2001 - in which we played them back to back, having lost to them at the Vegas Bowl the prior December.

Hear, Hear. :wink:

  • Gives us a two day head start on TCU, they play their practice game on Saturday. Beating both TCU and aTm(2 wks. prep) could catapult us towards a 9 win season. Hey, it could happen.

I like a Thursday game. We haven’t done many (I can only think of one other, there may have been more). If we win (and this one should be a win) the rest of the weekend is watching other college games knowing we have already taken care of business.

I will be out of town (actually getting back into LR that night) or I would be there. Frankly it would be a great way to start a 4 day weekend. Go to the game on Thursday, take off Friday and head to the lake for Friday through Monday! I will still do the Friday through Monday part, just can’t get back in time to go to the game Thursday night!

I’m kind of looking forward to this. Night game so I won’t get sun baked, and I’m guessing I’ll be able to pick up a ticket for less than face value.