Florida A&M film room

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— Scoota and Sosa stood out and the defense looked faster and tackled solidly, with Pulley’s injury obviously putting a damper on it
— Chase Hayden continued to impress with a big debut
— Offensive line early struggles
— Pass game slow start
— Clary was impressive

Also included some fullback blocking footage. Both Hayden and Kendrick were pretty solid. Think that’ll be a good tandem.

I was amazed with how Ty Clary played. He was impressive for a Freshman! Hayden was as good as billed. Connor Limpert on kickoffs looked good-looks like we have some leg! Scoota Harris is a laser guided missle! I have watched the game a bunch and I really feel like Austin Allen had a bit of an off night-like his head was not quite in it all the way even though he did very well. Devwah looks solid and David Williams looks like a good second back behind 1a and 1b. Devwah made two or three excellent blocks to save Austin, but he needs to work on not wrapping his arms around the defender. I watched Froholdt and Frank a lot and their technique is perfect. I’m not worried about Froholdt knowing what to do anymore. He will be in the NFL. He certainly has the power. Colton Jackson is our weak link at the moment and I have a feeling that offensive tackle will be ever-changing. Colton is fine once he gets his hands on a defender but has a tendency to over-commit or be a little out of leverage position. Sosa looked quick and strong. After watching a couple of times, I feel like Bijon Jackson is under-rated. He has the thankless job of clogging the middle and he is very good at it. I feel like the defense looks better as a 3-4. I think it will help us. I know who FAMU is and I watched the game the week before so I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid just yet. But, all of the things I wanted to see happen did, with the exception of an injury. Pulley was irreplaceable last year, but I feel we have some good, speedy depth among the DB’s. We’ll certainly know more in a week.

I appreciate the work you put into these, you best work… :smiley:

I really like this film room stuff. Nice job!

Jimmy works through the night after the games to put this together. It has been a great addition to our game coverage.

I should’ve included Limpert as a stray thought. That’ll be huge if he can kick off like that consistently.

Agreed on Froholdt. Thought he did look really good, for the most part. The interior of the line was solid.

Bijhon had a nice push several times and you could tell they tried to keep him fresh. He also had about 35-40 pounds on the center and right guard, 50-60 on the left. We’ll see if he can carry that over to TCU.

Appreciate that, guys.

Allen is a fifth-year senior but still does not do a good job of surveying the field quickly and seeing all his receivers. Looks like he is groping for a go-to guy instead of reading and taking what is there. Disappointing.

Reese you can’t put that on Allen. The receivers need to get separation. The timing will come. Nance and Cornelius will show up aginst TCU.
I hope we are able to run the ball at will and control the clock aginst TCU
I have faith in AA after what he went through last year. The OLine may be a work in progress but at some point we have to find positives.

I really enjoy these evaluations.
I was particularly happy to see you give attention to Harris, who looked very instinctual out there. He was the only one that seemed to read the reverse perfectly. Even the cameraman lost it. And he can tackle when he gets there.
After watching the game a second time focusing on the OL I feel better than what I am reading and hearing from most sources.
Clary was fine. Not perfect, but he showed why he is getting the shot he is being given. Just because someone is good does not mean everyone else sucks. It just means they see something very special in Clary and we should be celebrating that rather than reading it as a sign of the end times.
Froholdt was outstanding. He was not only finding his guy, but he was staying with him and keeping him out of the play. He looked like everything they have been saying about him. The center of that line looks dominating and the Froholdt-Ragnow pairing was clearing the way.
Also catching my eye as having very good games were Barnes, Cantrell, H. Johnson, Kendrick Jackson, Tolliver and Richardson, who seemed to be in the right place at the right time all night. For a freshman Barnes was getting open and catching it. 81 has a bright future in my mind.
No doubt next week will be a far bigger challenge, but I liked what I saw in game one.

I meant to also mention Gabe Richardson. If you watch the replay on the “scoop-and-score” touchdown, Gabe Richardson came from the other side of the field like a big track and field guy with speed and never slowed down until he banged his helmet into the ball and almost killed the runner. We haven’t seen this kind of effort! I’m encouraged.

Gabe Richardson will get more time. I felt like he would be a starter after seeing him practice. I like Ramsey and Eugene, but it’s going to be tough to keep Richardson off the field.

I thought Kendrick Jackson was terrific. I saw him mow down the middle linebacker over and over on key runs. Now, that guy was 225. That’s not really what he’ll see going forward.

Ty Clary had one miss. The middle linebacker shot past him on one play.

On Austin Allen’s play, I thought the chemistry was not there with the receivers. It was something you worry about with that many new guys running routes. He has to trust that they are going to be in the right spot and pull the trigger. They weren’t in the right spots early in the game and he wasn’t pulling the trigger. The pass has to be thrown before the receiver finishes a route. The QB has to have a feel that it’s going to turn out right as far as the route before the last cut is made. That’s tough to do if you don’t know for sure (and I don’t think he did) that the guy is reading it the same way you read it.

Great job JC!

I sure do enjoy the film room analysis


Thanks. Agreed on Scoota. Been a fan of his game since he got here last year. He and Dre is a much more athletic pairing than what they had last year.


Nice set of posts… Thanks!