Florida 24, Georgia 10 - final...

Game Summary

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Georgia’s OL makes our offensive line look like the height of stability. Eason was running for his life all day and he can’t throw on the run like AA can. When Nick Chubb only runs for 20 yards, you know there are major issues. But Luke Del Rio scares exactly no one. This could seriously be a 14-10 type game.

On the other hand our defense makes the Georgia defense look like the Steel Curtain. Especially stopping the run. Statistically MUCH better

Who has Georgia played that runs the ball very well? OK, they held Ralph Webb of Vandy to 48 yards, but they lost anyway. Haven’t played Auburn yet. Haven’t played Alabama. Haven’t played A&M. Ole Miss ran for 180 on them and 150 on us, so that doesn’t suggest to me that their run defense is better than ours. It suggests that they haven’t played a good running team. Auburn probably goes for 350 on them.

You sure seem fixated “on the other hand”. I know there are many dissappointed Hog fans, but seems to me you revel in pointing out the negatives. The fact that some others choose to notice the small silver lining in the rain cloud does not mean they don’t recognize that it is raining. Seems to me you more enjoy predicting a flood.

JR is the king of doom and gloom, let’s fire everybody, etc.

Just trying to keep it real in the land of sunshine, rainbows, lollipops, and unicorns.

I don’t know what the point spread is, but I think it’s a toss up game. Lately we have won close games. Go Hogs.

As I learned a long time ago, just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean it’s right.

The always positive and always negative people usually overstate their opinions and revel in their role

The truth is usually in the middle.

That’s “keeping it real.”

Thanks Dudley - and having followed your work and analysis of various prospects, teams etc. I think it’s fair to say your opinions are from time to time a bit off base as well…wouldn’t you agree? :smiley:

Never claimed I’m always right…in fact I hope like hell I’m wrong in thinking Florida’s front seven is going to bully us and control the game for the bad guys.

We have a winner. DD nailed it.

Absolutely and never have and never would try to claim otherwise

Thanks from me also, Duds, for recognizing us middle of the road guys and gals that “keep it real”.