Flo Sports, is it worth it?

I have refused to pay for Flo Sports the last couple of years. That was because the first time they broadcast Razorback baseball, their broadcast was truly awful. Have things improved over the last couple of years?

It’s not great, but I will buy either tonight or tomorrow. I prefer to watch than listen.

I thought when we were in Arlington it was not bad, unless my memory has failed me… now the basketball in Europe wasn’t that great but I think that’s probably due to the facilities they were had to work with .Round Rock was not good at all but Arlington has been by far the best FLO sports experience that I’ve had hopefully it will be this weekend

I may or may not be available tomorrow night, but if I am, probably watching gymnastics (7:30 on SECN) and listening to baseball.

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I have never had trouble with it. I think it is worth the cost for a weekend of big games.


You can sign up for Flo on a discounted month to month price through the CAA conference.

I did this last year and just signed up that way again this year. My total charge will be $13.72 per month, of which I will cancel the subscription on Sunday evening.

You have to just make sure you sign up for the $12.50 monthly plan vs the yearly plan of $7.99 per month that is charged in full. Wasn’t sure that I would be able to do it again this year once I logged back in, but there weren’t any issues. Even at the regular price, I would have likely still subscribed again.

I wasn’t impressed with the quality last year, but certainly worth the $14 for 3 games. And hopefully they have continued to improve the network over time

Well shoot

I saw this about 15 minutes too late

Already re-upped for 29.99

So far, I’m having buffering problems with the Missouri vs. OSU game. Hoping they can clear up the problem. This has been troublesome in the past.

The video quality is good as well as the announcers. Good replays.

yeah I did too Doc

everything is good so far just wished they showed the MPH on the pitches and the Score graphic could be a little bigger and clearer(team name in white and a grey background is kind of hard to see) but it is a quality video at least

It’s been good for awhile, hopefully they permantly fixed the problem. Showing the pitcher’s pitch count would be nice as well.

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Yeah that’s true…

I wish I had known how to get it for less than the $32.91 (including tax). Oh well. I just tuned in and the quality has been great so far. I seem to be able to pause it, so maybe I will be able to sync the video with Bret & Bubba.

I’m too cheap and plus I absolutely love listening to baseball on the radio. Especially with Phil calling the game.

Megan is out of town tending to a family matter. I plan to sit upstairs in my recliner near the fireplace and hangout with Sam and Reuben, have a few IPAs and eat some roasted peanuts and listen to Phil and order some pizza about the 4th or 5th inning. That’s the good life there.


Phil will not be broadcasting from Arlington. It will be Bret Dolan and Bubba.

Besides, I can usually sync my streaming with my audio of the Razorback network.

Damn. Well I’ll still listen.

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I got flosports also and can receive it on my phone but no volume and can’t cast to my tv.
Been trying to watch other games.

I didn’t realize this before but I can cast to my LG TV via the app.

Watchung Vandy and tcu and looking pretty good

Good picture and good sound

We bought it for the BB in Europe and the signal was spotty.

Picture and sound are excellent this is a very good broadcast. The only thing I would change is pitch count and MPH as well as a little bit bigger score box with a better background than white on Gray

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