Fletcher! WOW‼️

He’s just an amazing centerfielder!!

yes he is! glad we have him!

If gold gloves were given in the college game, he’d get one this season.

I had to leave the TV for a short drive during that period of the game. I tried to get it on local radio, but couldn’t find it. Had to tune in to SEC XM radio. It didn’t take me long to figure out these were UF guys. They were horrible—not so much by being homers, although they were, but just because they described plays, pitches, etc too long before they let you know if it was a ball, strike, foul, etc.

I have no doubt you’re describing the play where he made a diving catch, They were talking about how the ball dropped before they finally figured he caught it. Or you might be talking the play where he threw the runner out after he tagged. (Was it the same play?)

I got back in time to watch the last 4 innings. I kinda wish I’d had the Fla radio guys on when Wilson hit his GS

Here you go . . .

https://www.seccountry.com/arkansas/wat … ouble-play