Fletcher throwing out....

The rebneck dude at home was priceless. Even more priceless when my friend said he was clowning around on 2nd doing the land shark crap.

My friend said the rebneck fans were very annoying Sunday.

I do not like the rebnecks. At all!

I hate Ole Miss

The rebneck fans were very annoying THE ENTIRE SERIES. What a treat to shut them up.

The Ole Piss Rebnecks! Hate 'em. Like burnt orange hate; maybe worse.

Check out the highlights on You Tube. He was doing that shark crap and they were behind by 13.If I am not mistaken, he is the Ole Miss catcher who was all conference, while Casey O was left off the team, even though Casey was statistically better.

after their win on sunday they were out in force. after yesterdays game, not a peep from them. i heard only one of their lame high school yells the entire game yesterday.
they got what they deserve.

wish our team would have circled and gone “boom” but we have too much class for that.

hate ole miss, always will.

made my year so far sports wise beating them.

Love to beat Ole Miss, but do not really hate them; too many friends and friends’ kids go there…plus they are usually more worried about winning the party; hard to hate people who like to have a good time and make that priority #1.

Texas, I still hate.

Alabama, feeling some hate.

LSU, easy to hate.

I hate Ole Miss. Not necessarily people who went there, attend there, or support the school & teams. But I can still hate Ole Miss. Confession: My wife went to Ole Miss. I do not hate my wife. I love my wife. But I still hate Ole Miss. (And for what it’s worth, my wife cheers for the Razorbacks over Ole Miss. It helps she has a Masters degree from the UA, but she’s nearly a big a Razorback fan as I am.)

There are things about LSU that bug me. But in baseball, they have a right to be on the arrogant side. The LSU baseball fans are true baseball fans. The team does it the right way. I saw a LSU player hot-dog it after a homer at Baum. Paul Mainieri met the kid as he came off the field and got right in his face. I bet that kid didn’t do that again.

Ole Miss fans try too hard. They are, as a group, loud and obnoxious. I don’t know if it is an inferiority complex, being from the state of Mississippi, or what the reason is.

As my friend from Mississippi State said about Rebel fans, “Never have so many been so proud of so little”.

That pretty well sums it up.


It always nice to beat an opponent in any sport. It is especially a great thrill to beat Texas! Ole Miss hasn’t gotten to that level yet. I don’t like some of their fans and it was great that send them home to watch the CWS on TV! Nothing else matters we won and we have a trip to Omaha.
Maybe the Ole Miss fans will make it to Omaha one of these days but not through Fayetteville.

Does anyone have video of antics on second base before he got thrown out? I can’t find it.

I am sure there is video of it somewhere.

Cooper Johnson is a competitive kid. He was hoping to get his team started on a big rally.

I didn’t see anything wrong with it, but I like emotion and was that guy way back in the day.

I know y’all don’t like Ole Miss and all in part because the Rebels have owned the Razorbacks lately, but I am telling you that they seem like great kids who had a tough year and fought through it.

They just were in the wrong Super Regional.

Search YouTube for stewhog. He (?) posts about 10 minute highlights of every game we win all season. I watched his highlights today and the landshark crap is in there.

Heck, I’ll do it for you. Look at the 9:15 mark.


That baseball team has had a rough 2 years.
I don’t hate OM school or it’s sports programs.
I Don’t hate OM players as they are as competitive as any.
I don’t hate OM fans but I don’t like how they act most of the time.

Now they have to live with the video gone viral of booger man. hehe.

Thanks for that. Following stewhog now. It wasn’t that bad…but rallying from 13 down with 2 out in the 8th… not sure if I’d of done that.

They are competitive, but I will say I like how our guys handle our successes and failures better than they do.

Marty nailed it. LSU has earned the right to be a little edgy but still are a class program in every way. Their fans are knowledgeable and get and know baseball. Ole Miss people are just annoying and LSU/AR wannabes in baseball. It’s almost like some of them are delusional about their team. I will always not like Ole Miss in an sport after some of my experiences at games as a kid in Little Rock with their fans.

Maybe Johnson should have flashed a land tuna sign on second because that land shark wasn’t near fast enough…