Fletcher "the hero" in back to back games for Diamondbacks

He is raking and making his trademark plays in the outfield.

Hitting well over .400 and has hit HR in his last 2 games. He’s making it very difficult for the 'Backs to send him down when the injured players come back.


Didn’t see SF’s thread about Dom before posting this (I scanned for Dom’s name in the subject lines and didn’t see it).

Fletcher is one of my all-time favorite Hogs. Had been since the first couple of games I saw him play.

I loves me some Andrew Benintendi, but to me, there’s not a lot of difference between AB and DF (in total). I had predicted that Benintendi would be about a .280 career hitter with 15 HR per year, and that’s about where he is after (believe it or not) 7+ years in MLB (when you factor in the number of games he’s played and equate those to “seasons”).

That’s also about what I think Dom will post during his career.

The Razorbacks are just stuffing pro ball with notable players. Love to see it.

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So, so proud of him! Hope he continues to tear it up.

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The HRs videos were posted, but we knew Dom as an outstanding CF. That has not changed.

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Guess it’s time to get Dom’s Rookie Card!

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