Flavor of the Month Mike Leach

Did Mike Leach things tonight. He benched his senior QB who some had in the Heisman conversation 3 weeks ago.

The backup threw 61 times for 500+ yards but had 4 INTs and Wazzu threw the ball 84 times and gave up 58 points.

With a home stretch of Stanford, @ Utah, @Washington, 8-4 seems likely–maybe 7-5.

And, that’s very good for CFB outpost Washington St.

But, it takes a little shine off of the old pirate.

It’s going to be a wild CFB off-season. There will be lots of openings and lots of ADs making huge moves with lots of competition in the market.

We get it. We better hold onto Bielema becuase there will be lots of openings and won’t be able to get a good coach because the good ones will pick the other jobs over Arkansas. Better wait until there aren’t as many openings around the country. Your “we better keep Bielema no matter what” agenda is clear. I’d trade Bielema for Leach in a second.

False. I never said we better keep Bielema. I won’t have a problem with it all with it if they fire him. He hasn’t won enough.

Mock me pointing out that the ADs across the southeast will have their work cut out for them, but it’s the truth and it’s something our AD better be out in front of in this process.

I just want an upgrade if we fire him. That’s it. Really simple. Leach isn’t an upgrade.

leach is a joke and won’t fit the culture of our state.

What exactly is “the culture of our state?”

Seriously. What are you talking about? Did Bielema fit that culture?

I like Norvell and think he would fit the culture of the state and be an upgrade.

He’ll be an SEC coach in 2018 and hope it’s here.

I think what he means is Leach wins to much.

Mike Leach is an irreverent guy that uses pretty coarse language for the bible belt. He pissed off a lot of people in Lubbock and he is doing some of the same at WSU. His pirate infatuation is over the top. He does not handle the press that well in big situations, and he seems to have a hard time with passionate fan bases and related media. He is better at a Kentucky, TT or WSU with lesser passionate fan bases. He is a loose cannon.

Head coaching record[edit]
Texas Tech Red Raiders (Big 12 Conference) (2000–2009)
2000\tTexas Tech\t7–6\t3–5\t4th (South)\tL Galleryfurniture.com\t\t
2001\tTexas Tech\t7–5\t4–4\tT–3rd (South)\tL Alamo\t\t
2002\tTexas Tech\t9–5\t5–3\tT–2nd (South)\tW Tangerine\t\t
2003\tTexas Tech\t8–5\t4–4\t4th (South)\tW Houston\t\t
2004\tTexas Tech\t8–4\t5–3\tT–3rd (South)\tW Holiday\t17\t18
2005\tTexas Tech\t9–3\t6–2\tT–2nd (South)\tL Cotton\t19\t20
2006\tTexas Tech\t8–5\t4–4\t4th (South)\tW Insight\t\t
2007\tTexas Tech\t9–4\t4–4\tT–3rd (South)\tW Gator\t23\t22
2008\tTexas Tech\t11–2\t7–1\tT–1st (South)\tL Cotton\t12\t12
2009\tTexas Tech\t8–4\t5–3\t3rd (South)\tAlamo*\t23\t21
Texas Tech:\t84–43\t47–33\t*Did not coach bowl game.
Washington State Cougars (Pac-12 Conference) (2012–present)
2012\tWashington State\t3–9\t1–8\t6th (North)\t\t\t
2013\tWashington State\t6–7\t4–5\tT–4th (North)\tL New Mexico\t\t
2014\tWashington State\t3–9\t2–7\tT–5th (North)\t\t\t
2015\tWashington State\t9–4\t6–3\t3rd (North)\tW Sun\t\t
2016\tWashington State\t8–5\t7–2\t2nd (North)\tL Holiday\t\t
2017\tWashington State\t7–2\t4–2\t(North)\t\t\t
Washington State:\t36–36\t24–27

So…Do we want Houston Nutt back?

Murray State Racers (Ohio Valley Conference) (1993–1996)\t\t\t\t\t\t\t
1993\tMurray State\t4–7\t4–4\t4th\t\t\t
1994\tMurray State\t5–6\t4–4\t4th\t\t\t
1995\tMurray State\t11–1\t8–0\t1st\tI-AA First Round\t\t
1996\tMurray State\t11–2\t8–0\t1st\tI-AA Quarterfinals
Murray State:\t\t31–16\t24–8\t\t\t\t
Boise State Broncos (Big West Conference) (1997)\t\t\t\t\t\t\t
1997\tBoise State\t5–6[n 1]\t3–2\t3rd\t\t\t
Boise State:\t\t5–6\t3–2\t\t\t\t
Arkansas Razorbacks (Southeastern Conference) (1998–2007)\t\t\t\t\t\t\t
1998\tArkansas\t9–3\t6–2\tT–1st (Western)\tL Florida Citrus\t17\t16
1999\tArkansas\t8–4\t4–4\t3rd (Western)\tW Cotton\t19\t17
2000\tArkansas\t6–6\t3–5\t5th (Western)\tL Las Vegas\t\t
2001\tArkansas\t7–5\t4–4\t3rd (Western)\tL Cotton\t\t
2002\tArkansas\t9–5\t5–3\tT–1st (Western)\tL Music City\t\t
2003\tArkansas\t9–4\t4–4\t4th (Western)\tW Independence\t
2004\tArkansas\t5–6\t3–5\t3rd (Western)\t\t\t
2005\tArkansas\t4–7\t2–6\t4th (Western)\t\t\t
2006\tArkansas\t10–4\t7–1\t1st (Western)\tL Capital One\t16\t15
2007\tArkansas\t8–4[n 2]\t4–4\t3rd (Western)\tCotton[n 2]\t\t
Ole Miss Rebels (Southeastern Conference) (2008–2011)\t\t\t\t\t\t\t
2008\tOle Miss\t9–4\t5–3\t2nd (Western)\tW Cotton\t15\t14
2009\tOle Miss\t9–4\t4–4\t3rd (Western)\tW Cotton\t21\t20

2010\tOle Miss\t4–8\t1–7\t6th (Western)\t\t\t
2011\tOle Miss\t2–10\t0–8\t6th (Western)

We better keep him and let him mess up the most talented instate class in a decade. (2019)

Other coaches will be recruiting so hard against us on the platform if he’s going to be fired at the end of the season, that takes a toll. Especially seeing that it’s extremely likely we will start the year 0-3 in the SEC.

Leach knows how to generate publicity, and occasionally manages to surprise a higher ranked opponent, but he’s never shown any ability to play consistently well against good teams. He’s a good enough coach to go 8-4 or 7-5 most every year at Washington State, just like he did at Texas Tech, but he’s never been good enough to even get close to a championship in either the Big XII or the Pac in his first 16 years as a head coach, and that is not changing this year.

His record does not inspire confidence that he would be capable of lifting an SEC team to the upper half of the league, much less division championships.

If a change is made, we can do better than Leach. Any number of the up and comers mentioned on this board would be a better choice.

does Leach get his self in trouble with ncaa or schools ere he is cochng

He has to go, bottom line…11 - 26 is unacceptable and LSU and Miss St. still on the schedule and Mizzou will be a 50/50 game. So we’re staring 4 - 8 or 5 - 7 in the face. Just won’t cut it for a veteran coach in their 5th year.

Agee 100%