Flash seats ticket app

The tickets I bought use a Flash Seats iPhone app. Anyone know if this is legitimate? I’ve never heard of it.

Never heard of it. Let us know how it works out for ya. :slight_smile:

It’s legit. They had people outside the stadium yesterday to answer questions for ticket buyers.

My tickets yesterday and today were through Vivid Seats, BTW.

Jeff, how hard are the tickets to come by? It appeared on TV that there were empty seats behind home plate, especially in the second level.

It’s legit. I used it twice for a Cleveland Cavs game when I was in Cleveland for work for 10 days so I could say I saw LeBron play live. Great App! I got club seats for $30. Face values was $90.

There were empty seats around me last night but not many people holding up tickets outside. I got online as soon as I got back to my friend’s house. Looked at the reserved seat prices and quickly decided that wasn’t an option. But they also head bleacher seats for only twice face value. Plus fees of course.