Flagship program (UA approach to NIL)

I may have missed it, but didn’t see anything about this last week. Hunter Yurachek announced this program to help Hog athletes capitalize on NIL opportunities, in collaboration with Walmart, Tyson, JB Hunt and the Walton School of Business, along with global marketing company Captiv8 and NIL platform NOCAP Sports. It seems to be one of the first if not the first program of its type in college athletics. Yurachek also has created an Office of Athlete Brand Development within the athletic department

So for those wondering if our Fortune 500 companies were going to step up in the NIL era, the answer seems to be yes,

This is really cool

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Will be interesting to see how this plays out in recruiting. Arkansas is a small state, and I’m not sure the extent to which using one’s image in Tyson or JB Hunt ads is compelling. Chicken and trucking. Blah. Walmart, maybe somewhat. But there are many schools in far larger cities, states and venues that have the capacity to attract much sexier advertising for their student athletes. Like in anything else, Arkansas has its limitations. Still, the state legislature has done us a favor, and per usual HY is on top of his game.

Money is money. And the world’s largest corporation is a lot sexier than anything Alabama or Auburn has (a middling bank and a lumber company).


I did notice that Pepsi is included in the video. I guess that could be some sort of quid pro quo with the University. The school says we will continue to use Pepsi as our official soft drink, and maybe re-up a contract, if Pepsi will promote and compensate UA players. Sort of interesting, except those continuing to complain that Coke is not available at UA sports venues.

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Pepsi has both corporate and franchise bottlers. If NW Arkansas or Little Rock have a franchise bottler, they might be interested in paying Razorback athletes for local advertising. It wouldn’t pay like national, but could provide some income for the players. The tri-county Pepsi bottler in South Florida was franchise owned and, while I lived there, they advertised frequently with Dolphin players over local TV stations.

That wouldn’t surprise me. If Pepsi wants to keep that contract, participate. Exclusive soft drink provider to 27,000 students, staff, and everyone who attends RRS or BWA or Baum is a nice revenue stream.

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