Flag waving at ballpark


Just asking…I noticed today’s pixs of UA fans passionately waving large Razorback flags while at the ballpark during the game. It looks really cool.

My only concern is for the fans sitting behind the flags being waved. These are some rather large flags. Is this a non issue among the fans or are there any regulations about when fans can and can’t wave the large flags obstructing the view of the fans behind them?


The flags are being waved after something has happened, like a home run. They aren’t being waved during play. So it’s really a non-issue.

Can’t necessarily speak to other ballparks, but fans in Baum have always been very considerate. We stand and cheer when something good happens, but most always sit down prior to next pitch.

The flags are waved after runs and between innings. And there are a lot of flags in the ballpark.

I tried waving a larger flag during games, but it was not working for those around me. I switched to a car flag with the bottom cut off. I can roll it up and put it in my bag. I’ve been able to take it to other ball parks, including Omaha and Stillwater (where the spoon was banned).

All I know is that when I went to the Super Bowl about ten years ago in Dallas between GB and Steelers…I got danged tired of being whipped in the face with those terrible towels.

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A lot depends on when & how they’re waved. One can be enthusiastic without being inconsiderate. I don’t want to have my view blocked by a waving flag or constantly standing fan. Since I can no longer stand for long periods, I’m much more cognizant of that problem.

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