Flag patch on Aggie unis

Looks to be on backwards

I thought the same.

Same here, I would sure like to hear what that’s all about because I know the Aggies are patriotic for sure.

It should be on the left arm

Post from my son on Facebook, a Marine by the way. “It always flys like your moving forward because we don’t retreat”

Here’s what the google machine says about flag-display etiquette. It doesn’t say anything about flag displays on clothes, but I assume it’s the same for clothes as fro walls, etc

We never retreat!
Look up what Army reg 600-9 has to say about it! Of course they may have changed that just like everything else.

Well, the Aggie pitchers weren’t retreating tonight. Give them kudos. They’re my second favorite team in the SEC because of their unique rituals, cheers, military presence, etc. And of course, I have a lot of very successful Aggie friends that I have done business with, back when I did business. I’m retired now, and the main business I do is trying to improve my swimming and cycling, and wishing I could get my running legs back.

With their military background you would think they could get the flag right, that’s no Aggie joke

All of the running is over! That happens with age and by the way that’s what wore out our back, feet and knees!

The 41 on the uniform is for George Herbert Walker Bush, who they were crazy about.

AR 600-9 is Army Weight. Lol I think you meant AR 670-1. I fat finger all the time. I know the flag never retreats and we move forward.