Fla is a 4 point favorite

Against our Razorbacks in Razorback Stadium.

In light of our performance against Auburn & our overall record, I don’t think that’s a particularly large spread. Florida is still leading the SECE. Granted, that’s not nearly as tough a division, but the UF name carries a lot of prestige.

If we had not been rendered a greasy spot versus Auburn, I imagine this would have been a pick’em. Or us favored. I could be wrong. But 5-3 with our schedule is record to scoff at. Its the Auburn loss that lost us respect.

We can regain it next Saturday.

Stanford was similarly ambushed by Washington. They looked to be somewhat back on track last night. Sometimes the ass-whoopin’s just happen.


I am surprised it is not greater than 4. UF is built to beat Arkansas. Great defense and a strong running game. Very similar to Bama, ATM and Auburn. Then we face LSU…coming on like a freight train.

The good news…we face UF after their rival Georgia game and LSU after their Bama game. Perhaps we can catch them low on emotion and sore from physical games.

I am hoping CBB, the coaching staff and players are pissed off enough by their recent lackluster effort that they will get their act together. If not, we’re staring straight at another pair of losses. And good by to any quality bowl game.


And our home record in SEC is nothing to brag about or gain you points in a spread

Hope that changes some this weekend

The line quickly dropped to +3 in off shore/on line betting, the only place taking bets on our game presently. Wynn, which sets their own line, is the only Vegas casino that takes early bets and they are not taking bets on our game, Mich St vs Ill, and TX vs Ttech. All 3 of those games have QB questions. They list AA as probable and the other 2 as questionable. Once (or if) AA is upgraded to “will play”, I’d expect the line to be close to pick’em. CBB, though, may decide to just leave AA at “probable” until kick-off and leave them guessing.

Strong running game? Florida? Not any better than ours, probably not as good. They haven’t played anybody like Bama or A&M either. Georgia, which gave up more yards to Ole Miss than we did, held them to 100 yards rushing.

If our OL and defense decides to show up we will win.

Everyone here in Colorado Springs told me that Arkansas has two teams. I said what! They said “The one that shows up for a game and the one that decides not too”. Not much that I could say.

I don’t see it, and will not until I see this Oline block somebody. That has yet to happen. FL is very good on defense with a very strong and quick D front. Sound familar? So far, AA is still alive. Hope he stays that way.

We have a very slow and pourus defense that has yet to stop anybody. FL is not great on offense, but slow against FL is never a good thing.

Hope they decide to play Saturday. They did against ole miss, but we now know that is nothing special. Perhaps they will show a little pride.

In my opinion, our defense is porous against Spread offenses and especially HUNH pace, but RS has been solid against conventional and pro style offenses. Florida is somewhat of a hybrid conventional running team. They are a ball control offense that holds on to the ball with long drives and had the ball for 37 minutes against UGA.

I think our defense will do better just because of the UF offensive scheme, and then add in being pissed off.

Our Oline is the key to this game. Can they perform better and can we throw quick passes - slants and behind the LB’s to alter their attempts to overload our 5 Olineman with 7-8 defenders?

We need this game badly. LSU will be no joke. If we beat Florida we can ride high into the LSU game. If we lose to Florida, I’m afraid some will pack it in for the LSU game.

Agree with both your points. Also, the poster just before in stating the key will be how our OL stands up to Fla’s front seven+.

Problem is, I don’t see our OL containing Fla’s DL and LBers. They will put pressure on AA, close to what A&M did to us. They don’t have the type speed A&M has off the edge but it’s way better than average. DTs are strong also. Gonna be a long day for our offense IMO. Allen will have to be careful. I thought Fla’s rush got to Ga’s QB a couple of times and they were trying to hurt the guy. And it will get turned up a notch or two against LSU. Don’t see us winning either game.

They know Allen is gimpy and our line can’t pass block squat so they will be pressuring him all sorts of ways. I worry about his health in both this game and LSU. Running on them will be a chore also. Lots of team speed. They manhandled Georgia and I would venture to say they have more talent than us other than receiver on offense. That being said I am not impressed w their offense. Guarantee they will run the jet sweep a number of times. If, and a big if, we can make them pass we have a chance. But if they run the ball like they want it will be a long day for us.