Five years ago today

Was the Henry Heave game at Ole Miss. That heave, as you remember, was followed by Brandon Allen selling out on the two-point run to win the game and upset the #18 ranked Rebnecks. BA also threw six touchdown passes and passed for 442 yards that night. But Fred swears he couldn’t play.

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One of the Great moments in our history.
I also remember the next week we went into LSU and demolished Les Miles and pretty much sealed his fate. I went to that game and thought there would be no way we would have the energy to keep up after the emotional win at Ole Miss. Man was I wrong.

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My goodness, has it been 5 yrs.


Great memories. Watched the game on TV with my son. We were so confident that somehow, someway Arkansas was going to get a first down. We never could have imagined how it all played out!


The game didn’t really mean that much for us, other than a wild finish and a win, but it kept Ole Miss from going to the SEC Championship game and possibly winning the SEC against a bad Florida team.

Thanks, again, Hunter.

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BA may not have been our greatest QB ever. He may not even be one of our 5 greatest QB’s. However, no Arkansas QB ever had a better stretch of 6 games than BA did to end his career at Arkansas.

That is a fact…

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