Five transfers for one "student athlete"

I know my generation is not on track with younger folks but I just read an article about a young man who will transfer from Auburn to TCU and he moved from Oklahoma to
Auburn and prior to that he was at a Mississippi community college and prior to that was at Youngstown State. Obviously I could be wrong but I feel this portal thing should be basically closed to one transfer. Once a transfer is taken that player should be allowed to move if he wants, but should not be eligible for sports as an education is still supposdly the reason to attend a college.

Agreed. The “shuffle around the bargaining chip” saga is getting way out of hand but so are numerous other cases that are where they should be (out of my control).

So you’re not allowed to quit your job if the boss is a complete jerk? Or move if your apartment is infested with mold or mice? People have always been able to transfer. A lot. Whether they are athletes or not. I have hours from six different universities on my transcripts for two bachelors degrees.

Basically, you want to tell somebody else what they can do and don’t want anyone telling you what you can do. There’s a word for that, I think.


I think examples like this turn off a lot of people. I know it does me. Life is about dealing with things we don’t like and overcoming, staying with it.

Parents use to raise kids with tough love. The kids raised by tough love and are now parents but much softer with their kids.

All that said, freedom allows people to make their own decisions and many times the decisions are bad.

I side on freedom but I’m not big on the one time transfer. I believe sitting out a year isn’t a bad thing. It discourages kids from transferring and many times they fight through the obstacles they thought they needed to get away from. Emotional decisions are usually the wrong ones.


If I quit my job I do not get paid for it after I leave. And while on the job my employer
paid my salary, not the taxpayers or supporters.

I agree people should be allowed to make decisions, but they should be accountable for the results, not a free ride.

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Most are not doing this kind of stuff. I figure you take him, you may be taking someone else’s problems. Sometimes you have to leave because the coach decides you have t leave.

All for freedom of choice, but seems your examples put the issues on the other party. I do not know the situation, doubt you do either, so I cannot be certain who has more responsibility for the things not working out.
There are probably words for people who seem to have problems fitting in, as well. I really don’t mind how many times a kid may transfer, life is too short to be unhappy, but at some point we may need lessen the expectations on others and raise them a bit on ourselves.


I fear most of these tranfsfers are simply young men hoping to get to the NFL, which is good desire but collegiate sports should not be the minor leagues for the pros. But it should be a good concept in which young men do in fact, acquire a good life. So I feel transfers are fine, but should be limited.

Daddy thought I needed to attend a large school, so I transferred from William Woods to Arkansas, then I got engaged so I moved back home to Neosho and attended Missouri Southern. But I wasn’t on any scholarship and was paying my own way.
I agree that the optics for this student are bad. But I also think it should be allowed. His moves are public, so potential “employers” can see his history.

Was the kid ever elgible to play anywhere?

How many times do we see a recruit sign with a school because of a great relationship with a position coach - then 3 days after signing day the position coach leaves for another job or is let go by the school? As if they knew nothing about it beforehand.

It’s a two way street, and everyone’s situation is different.

Some pick the school. Some pick the coach. Must be noted, coaches leave. Hopefully, players picked the school.

I have never quite a job without talking to the people i worked for and told them why I wanted to work somewhere else and gave them at least a 2 week notice. I retired for the Army. Once retired I thought it would be nice to just go take this job and shove it! It just wasn’t in my nature.
I guess the i quit stuff is common these days. Burning bridges sure gets none of us where we want to go!
The freedom to make decisions is every Americans right! When things get tuff people just crumble. Weak to little discipline in schools and home have made the I syndrome run rampant across our country.
If an athlete in any sport on our campus decides they want to transfer let em go!


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