FIU transfer Antonio Daye Jr. down to 4

RD do u think he is a take?

Very, very early in the process of sorting through the transfer market.

Only 28% 3-pt shooter

Yeah I don’t know…if he’s really a good fit for next season’s team…

I’m hesitant with all these low major guards with good stats. They dont seem to turn out for the most part over the last couple of years since this becoming a thing.

JD Notae and Jalen Tate are working out pretty good.


Michigan has that Ivy League transfer Mike Smith running the point and he’s been tremendous for them, adjusted from a high-point guy to a high-assist guy.

Transfers are like any other recruit. Hit and miss.

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I’ll take our transfers over KY’s freshmen 5 stars.

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One thing about transfers, you already know if they have game at the college level. We were sure that Justin, Tate and JD could play, and that Vance could (sometimes) shoot. You don’t know if they’ll fit in, if they’ll take your style of coaching, etc., but you know they can ball. And Muss is pretty good about identifying guys that will take his coaching.

Can the transfer from Little Rock ball?

Averaged 11 points, 6.7 rebounds and 2.2 assists last year at UALR. That’s not bad.

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