First UA-South Carolina game

Whenever we play South Carolina I harken back to when we played them in Columbia for our first-ever game as a member of the SEC (and I think theirs). I was there. With my red VW Cabriolet convertible with Razorback license plates and my 7 year old son in Hog gear including a pig nose. I was so glad Arkansas had joined the SEC because now Arkansas games against such teams as South Carolina and Tennessee at their places would be in easy driving distance from my home in North Carolina.

Drove to the motel in Columbia, then took a bus filled with Razorback fans to the game. Will never forget when we got out. A few South Carolina fans mentioned our loss to the Citadel the week before. But as we walked by the tailgaters on the way to the stadium, the great majority of them looked at us in amazement, they had never seen Razorback fans and Hog Hats before, and they greeted us warmly as fellow newcomers to the SEC, many of them offering food from their cookouts.

Just as surprising as losing to the Citadel and firing Jack Crowe after just one game was our 45-7 demolishing of South Carolina under new coach Joe Kines. Near the end of the 4th quarter I saw that the Gamecock fans were still in the stands, were rooting hard for their team, were not booing their team for their quite disappointing performance, were encouraging them. I told one of their fans that was great but surprising to see, you don’t see that everywhere. And he responded “We’re used to losing”.

Btw, my son and I also went to the Tennessee game in Knoxville, which we won in a giant upset, with Barry Lunney inserted at QB.We were 2-0 in games my son attended but had lost every other game. So I sent Frank Broyles a photo of my son, pig nose and all, in front of my Hogmobile at the South Carolina game, and asked if it was against NCAA rules to pay him to go to every game. And Broyles actually wrote back and graciously thanked me for the photo and the letter and said I was on to something, that it was not a coincidence that we won every game he attended.


I attended a Vol/Gamecock game in Knoxville in the late 90’s with my daughter who was a freshman at Tennessee. It was Mannings senior year. Tennessee won easily but the Gamecock section stood and yelled up to the end. I was impressed by their passion.

I was at that game too. Drove down from VA with a buddy who was a VA Tech grad. We were both just a year out of college. I was so excited to see them play live until we lost the prior week to Citadel. Saw a few Carolina fans wearing Citadel shirts and hats. I also was impressed with the crowd and stadium, which was modern for the time.
I was even more surprised with the performance and score of the game. It was one of the more memorable experiences right there with when I flew to Austin to see Matt Jones dismantle Texas.

My first Razorback game to attend was Week 2 in 1993, the first time South Carolina came to Fayetteville.

My wife is a UNC grad, and G-d forbid anyone calling the team from Columbia “Carolina” in her presence. One year she took my son to a North Carolina home game while I drove myself to see the Razorbacks in the state to the south of us. South Carolina had beaten North Carolina the year before. As I entered the stadium some fan had a shirt on that showed the score and said “Victory to the Real Carolina”. I was so glad she had not come, she might have punched someone.

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@azhawg’s wife attended Southern Cal. I once said something about USC-E in her presence and was immediately told “There is only one USC!”

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