First Time to See The Team

Not sure how good SD really is. I think they are a solid, decent team, but will not be mistaken for much more than that. Still, I loved the way The Hogs played. They sure seem to be well coached. When the score was cut to ten, they knew just what to do and bam, it was back to 17 and game, set match. I thought they jacked it up too early and often in the first half, but they were open shots.

Like everybody has said, their size is going to be a real problem, but they are so well coached and play defense so well, that bigger teams better come ready to play. (It was so great to see defense played with feet on the floor instead of flying around out of position). They also know how to rebound which will help.

I think long term, good things are ahead for Razorback Basketball.

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The effort on defense is worth the price of admission and when you put that effort and excellent defensive scheme together it is really effective. At this stage in the season they are playing really good defense and gaining confidence.

The offense looked was erratic at times and the best shooter who is really good could not buy a shot and I look for both of those things to change with Musselman on the sideline.

The size disadvantage is what everyone is talking about but so far their forwards and centers have used their athleticism to their advantage. Bailey was absolutely worthless last season and is playing like superman this season and his quickness and athleticism is giving opponents fits. Thomas at 6’3 is playing a power forward spot and he too is really small for that position but he is also creating mismatch issues for the opponents. The competition so far is not the caliber that they will see in the SEC but Mussleman has taken what appears to be a severe mismatch at the center and power forward positions and made these players believe that it is an advantage. Additionally, do not forget that Whitt is like a post up center on those 12 to 15 foot inside shots.

This is a unorthodox type team that is a lot of fun to watch play and they are going to be difficult to beat if they can become more consistent on offense. The GT game will be like an SEC game on the road so hopefully they can hold their own in their first real tough road game.

Very good observation.

I expect SD will win their conference and be a 14-16 in the tournament.



SoDak is a very good shooting team. We took them out of that game completely. It wasn’t just an off night by them, we made them have an off night. I expect them to win their league and be dancing, and they might scare some 3 seed if Hagedorn & Co. go off.

My bad … Jones obviously!

Thanks guys. Interesting comments. It will be an interesting year. It is obvious that this guy can flat out coach.