First time that I've watched selection show

… in years. I am not really a basketball fan, except when the Hogs are playing. What a relief that they showed the matchup so early.

Go Hogs!

The committee did a tough job but how in the world do they put Syracuse in the dance! There are several head scratchers. The Big 10 invitational will loose some of its luster as the power house bows out.
The ACC in a down year gets 7 teams in the dance! The pundits have done it the mid majors have the respect to get multiple bids that are deserving.
Wichita State don’t belong, Utah State,
Or BYU! There are several more in my opinion.

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BYU is a 6 seed, Army. Just because they’re not in a power 5 league doesn’t mean they aren’t good. Pundits have nothing to do with those decisions. Ain’t no pundits in that room in Indy last night and this morning,

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