First thing

Refs should be fired. Investigated. Fired again. Secondly You can’t brick 80% of open looks. When we shoot well we will be scary good.

I think we had 19-20 offensive boards but as Nolan once said without converting it’s just a fake stat that means nothing other than 20 boards. Just a stat.

Can’t win 'em all Gas, we’ll get 'em next week.

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Shoot like maybe an average team does and we can.

I never had this game as a win because I knew the refs would allow it. And the reason we couldn’t score on offensive rebounds is because we were hammered all night without fouls being called. I knew that was going to be bad and it was worse.

Not a bad loss if we don’t let it beat us again next game.

Sidenote-I wonder why Muss didn’t want to call a timeout on the last that JD just heaved up for nothing.

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I agree that it was clear, early, that it was going to be an uphill battle. What they did to Toney, today, is an A Felony in the State of Arkansas—and that’s before we talk about the 2 cheapies that took JD out and the head-scratching reviews.

I’m not saying all the calls were wrong. I’m saying a ton of crucial calls went their way. I even thought several of Umude’s fouls were super soft (at least 3) considering how the game was being called.

Tough task. We almost pulled it off.

No one is talking about this but I thought we lost it by giving up 2 easy paint buckets over our best defender in the last minute with a 1-point lead.Get stops either time (or fouls and 1 and 1 misses) and I think we win.

He’s talked about this, not his belief to call a timeout and interrupt the flow in these situations.

My picks were a loss anyway but hard to swallow.

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