First team soccer All-American

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Way to go!!! Congratulations!

Fantastic achievement. A huge sport world wide. We have some really highly thought of women athletes in multiple sports. Gymnastics, Soccer, Softball, Basketball, Golf, and of course Track and Field. We seem to be spending the money for top flight coaches and providing better and better facilities to further their prominence. Let’s hope the PTB don’t destroy the opportunity for even more explosive growth by monkeying around with the level playing field the women deserve. I hope we hire the most skilled leaders, coaches and reporting folks available regardless of their physical definitions. If the decision makers at Whole Hog Sports deem it financially profitable to hire another person that concentrates daily on Women’s Sports, I would enjoy deeper insights and expositions on the personalities and histories of the athletes that choose to be Razorbacks. I am really excited about the explosive growth in talent that our Women’s Basketball has been able to add. They will not look like runts anymore. UConn, Stanford, Texas A&M and South Carolina better look out.


Relatively speaking, Clay and his team do a superlative job of covering UA Women’s sports.
As previously stated, the UA Women’s athletics are amazing. Outstanding coaches, facilities, staff and athletes.

We are spoiled by the coverage we get here. Some schools, Arizona State for example, just get coverage for FB and some BKB. They had a nationally recognized baseball team for years and barely got notice locally.

I agree with that. I am not asking that Clay hire someone else. I know Paul Boyd is already on the staff and I would be nice if he participates in this forum. For example, I am surprised he has zero posts in this thread. Seems like he would have an opinion about this.

He posts links to his stories on the board and will respond to replies on those threads but to date I have not noticed him going into other threads. I guess we could lure him in by posting @PaulBoyd.

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