First stage of weight room renovations

Hard to tell for sure but it looks like they are replacing the black, cushion, underlayment material and installing a new surface over it with graphics and rectangles for stations or equipment locations. The final images look like a new Hog logo in the lobby and then some white looking bricks or blocks holding down graphic floor tiles so they glue or epoxy in place. So, new flooring and maybe a re-arranged workout system?! Anyone know any details on this?

From what I gather, the floor part was in the works long ago. Most of the things being done are cosmetic to suit what Trumain Carroll’s likes.

I can tell ya one thing… the structural capacity of the floor is sound! Big boys tossing around steel weights on an elevated floor = more than 3 times the required floor loading for a typical Parking Deck! :smiley:

As it happens, I parked in a deck this afternoon that had a sign outside listing the maximum pounds per square foot and max vehicle weight it could handle. Never have seen that at a parking deck before. But I suspect you are correct that bouncing weights on an elevated platform is a higher load than a bunch of four-wheeler vehicles.

Was one of the changes the removal of a wall that blocked the view from the coach’s office to part of the weight room? There was a rumor at one point that some of the players in winter workouts were loafing a little by hiding behind wall.

Not sure about that. There’s some green space between some of the coaches offices and the weight room.