First road game of the season for Duke tonight

Duke plays its first road game of the season tonight at Wake Forest. Duke usually does not schedule any non-conference road games unless foreced to as part of the ACC/Big 10 challenge. The fact that they are able to do that is another advantage for Duke that other schools don’t get to enjoyt

One of the reasons that my once fervent love of college sports has steadily declined over the last 10 years…the “powers that be” get to play by different rules and get benefits that others don’t. There is not a level playing field in recruiting, publicity, officiating, or how the normal conventions of the sport play out. Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, etc in hoops and Bama, OSU, Oklahoma, etc get to do as they please while ESPN preaches their glory. Meanwhile, programs that try to play by the rules are marginalized. The NCAA, ESPN, and shoe companies are destroying a once great thing.

Duke now has a group of one and domes as well. I wonder what they paid to get them?